What We

Digital services

Software Development

Web App Development

We create scalable web applications with good development practices and the most powerful web technologies. We prefer to work with either Django or PHP for the backend code due to their stability and maintability.

API Development or Integration

Developing custom APIs that can easily integrate with your current system. We mainly use the Django Rest Framework for this. We also Offer Integration services for payment APIs such as the Mpesa API or communication APIs such as Twilio and Africa’s Talking

Mobile App Development

We also offer end-to-end mobile app development services. Depending on the client’s demands, we can create mobile apps of any type; whether hybrid, native or cross-platform applications. We use agile software development to ensure you have a working MVP ready for testing in the shortest amount of time possible.

Digital Products

Enterprise software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We have developed an ERP system that can easily be cutomized to fit your individual business needs. Our software is available as either a cloud-based SAAS or as an in-house system depending on our client’s demands.

Business Intelligence

We’ve developed BI tools that simplify data collection, analysis and visualization. Our platform enables you to gain useful insight into your business. This tools are available as both a SAAS or in-house system depending on your business needs.

Digital Transformation

This involves integrating digital technologies into all areas of your business. We work with you and your team to transform the way you do business by incorporating digital tools into your business processes. Digital transformation increases efficiency and gives your business a competitive edge.


Digital Design

UI/UX Design

We create quality user-focused interfaces and user experiences that combine aesthetics with usability. Our goal with each design is to create an intuitive and seamless experience that users will want to come back to.

Graphic Design

We are artists. Work with us to transform your concepts and ideas into stunning visual designs that stand out from the crowd. But it’s not just about the looks. We also ensure that our design properly communicates the message intended for your target audience.

Website Design

Web design is our forte. Having grown a steady reputation by building high quality, responsive and fast websites for 30+ clients from different sectors of the economy such as Real estate, Logistics, Education, SMEs among others. The technologies we use depend on our client’s demands. Whether you want a wordpress website or a fully customized website, We’ve got you covered